"Randy is the most knowledgeable person I know about DISC dynamics." T. Morrow, CEO

"I saw you at our staff retreat four years ago.  I have to tell you,  I learned a lot then, but I have gotten so much more out of it this time."   Director at Hospital

"You made us laugh at ourselves, but seriously accept what we needed to do to improve." P. Hale, Director

"Your material is really good, but you are more than 50% of the whole benefit." School Counselor

"Randy captures and articulates the concrete concepts (principles) in abstract areas of thinking, bringing clarity, which help people understand and validate the mysteries in the problems they are experiencing. That opens the Aha moment and fills the void giving them reasoning they were missing for all these years. Now they are open to productive action steps where they were not before. All of a sudden it just makes so much sense to them. It is peaceful for them and productive. They wonder why they never saw it before." HR Director

"Randy, thank you, that was the best speaker we have had in several years. You really held everyone's attention the whole hour." S.C., Administrative Assistant

"Randy you are the most captivating speaker I have ever heard.  You content is great but you are able to engage with your audience like I have never seen." J.S., Business Owner

"If you can identify our daughter's traits so dead on, maybe you can help my staff." Parent of school student and CEO

"Randy I have known about DISC for many years but no one has ever described it as well as you did.  You give insights that make so much sense." H.M., Vice President

"Randy I want you to do for my staff the training that you gave me years ago.  If they get any portion of benefit that I did they will be much better." D.L., CEO Hospital

"Randy you have told me more about my son in 15 minutes than I have gotten from psychologists and counselors in years." Parent of High School Student

"Randy I don't know what you told my son, but since he met with you he is walking tall.  He even calls us to tell us his problems! He wouldn't even talk to us two months ago."  Student's Psychiatrist and Parent

"Where's the book?  I want to read more about what you gave us." (It's coming!) Many Seminar Participants