Conflict Resolution

Conflicts can arise peer to peer on various levels, within departments or from one department to another, or boss to employee.  What often is missed is why the conflict originates.  Most conflicts are internal issues not external, but are acted out externally and they are attempted to be corrected by external disciplinary consequences.  That can be appropriate but also doesn't really solve the problem, it treats the symptom.

Success Story: A client CEO asked me to address a direct report and his assistant who were having conflicts. I met with both, but quickly recognized the problem was with the assistant. Within an hour I had developed trust and gained buy-in for adjusted perspective. I told the direct report, "Now that they are fixed, it is your job to not screw it up. So here is what to do and not do." Two weeks later I went in for a review of the situation. The direct report told me it was going great. I asked how they felt about that. "Frankly he said, I am pretty ticked off. I tried everything I could for months and nothing worked. You came in and in one session worked it out."

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