Team Development

Team Performance is critical to the bottom line.  Each Team is different and has many complexities.  Understanding what makes the Team work and what causes it to stumble is the difference in profits.  Teams have identities just like people do.  Synergistic Teams work together like no other.  Once you have experienced it, you will be addicted and miss it if you can't repeat it in your life.

Teams can be impacted by one player, the leader, or their culture.  Leadership makes the difference.  Some Teams need hard direction, others need to be freed to perform.  But make no mistake here,  Synergy rarely happens by accident.

Synergy is when the results of the team are greater than the input of the players. A simple example: 3 hungry people are under an apple tree. The tree has apples but they are too high to reach. Individually, the apples are unattainable. But when one person lifts another who can reach the apples and the third gathers them up, everyone wins. Another common example is the annual baseball World Series. The best team doesn't always win. Often, the team that gels together where players give up their individual personal success to make the team win are the ones that beat the higher paid and more talented team.

Dysfunctional Teams are more common than synergistic groups. It really only takes a member or two to throw a team into dysfunction. Others have to learn to hold each other accountable. Personal agendas have to become secondary. But how do we find out who or what is the problem? Is it really the leader or the staff? Maybe both? What to do? It's only business! or is it profit and livelihood? Like with individuals, it is often best to work through issues one step at a time. Going too fast can create setbacks and gaps that will sabotage success, throwing things into a worse situation.

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