Randy speaks with insights and humor that is compelling to audiences.  He relates everyday actions and principles with practical examples and success stories illustrating how we all are abnormal, but not stuck, and can achieve at much higher levels with less stress.  He leads people to laugh at themselves and energizes them to want more and be more.  Once you learn the science behind his techniques you will never look at yourself or others the same again.  He makes high performance quickly achievable and fun.

Randy is available to speak at luncheons, department meetings, retreats or conventions.

Topics can be customized to requests but generally address:

  • Improving Communication - Where You Went Wrong
  • Managing Your Mind - It Lies to You More than Your Enemies
  • Understanding Behavior Styles - Yours is Killing Me
  • Setting Effective Goals - I Thought I Did That
  • Converting Conflicts to Positive Relationships - It Never Occurred to Me
  • Managing Yours and Others Insecurities - The Killer of Productivity
  • Managing Transitions - Wow, I Missed That
  • Management Impact Actions - Stop Wasted Efforts
  • Career Planning Management - Plan from the End Back to Now
  • Leadership - What Really Matters
  • Fulfill Your Title Role First - Get Over Yourself

Contact Randy today for your speaking needs.  281-703-6782; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it