Workshop Dates - Managing Your Crazy Self!

Includes 4 Assessments (Behavior Style, Motivators, Gifts, and Love Language), plus Binder with Renew Your Mind book and Workbook, and Personality Dynamics book.

Saves you over $300 by attending the seminar.   

                        Full Workshop includes:

First Segment: 2 hours -  Understand how your mind initiates thoughts and emotions, and how to manage them!  


Second Segment:2 hours (includes lunch) - Understanding Personality Dynamics (4 Assessments included: Behavior Style, Motivators, Love Language, Gifts).

        Each participant receives personality assessments understanding how their personality is wired.  

     You are not just your personality - that is just a starting piont.  You are always becoming you!

                                                You become the choices you make!

Also, ask about hosting a workshop at your church, organization, or business.  Complimentary benefits for those who are interested in hosting.



Introductory Offer!   SAVE over $300.00 by attending the 6 hour group workshop rather than personal sessions.

You are created to heal!

Renew Your Mind Workshop

Improve your:

• Personal Development
• Communication with your mate
• Recovery from life stress or struggles: divorce, anxiety, life transition, weight loss, etc.

• Understanding of your Teenager
• Management/Leadership Skills
• Spiritual awareness in your day.

Each participant receives:

a. Renew Your Mind Book
b. Four Personality Assessments
c. Renew Your Mind Workbook
d. Five hours of insights in a workshop

with Randy Guttenberger,

Certified Professional Behavior Analyst.

The first 40 to Register get 2 hours personal follow up coaching free! Call 281-703-6782.

1. Understand:

a. How your mind initiates thoughts and emotions.
b. How to manage your thoughts and emotions efficiently and effectively.

2. Receive 4 Personality Assessments: Behavior Style, Motivators, Love Language, & Gifts. 3. Identify: Where you have been, Where you are, and Where you are going.

“Your first relationship is with yourself. You will never look at life, yourself,
or others, the same again!” Randy Guttenberger

Go to for more information, workshop dates, and testimonials. Call to set up a workshop at your church, organization, or company.

“I learned more in this workshop than in years of therapy.”
                                                                     Marilyn Anderson 


Coaching, Training & Retreats

Making managers into leaders

Ceros provides personal on-site consultations, group sessions, and/or retreats to coach or train employees, Directors or Executive Level staff.  Whether you have one key staff person that needs development, a department, or you want to spice up your staff retreat, Randy Guttenberger can deliver to meet your needs.


Ceros can teach your employee(s) or Director(s) to use their talents to meet their potential.  Do you have a new manager that is struggling in his/her new role?  Are there dysfunctional employees in the ranks hoding the rest of the team back?  Randy can assess the dynamics and lead communications to address options and solutions in obtaining high performance.  Read a Success story.



We can train your Director or Executive Team member how to use a specific management method or skill set to improve their performance.  Simple adjustments to natural strengths can make a dramatic improvement.  The key is to know what adjustments need to be made and gain buy-in from the employee.  Once the employee experiences success and how such a simple action makes such a powerful difference, they quickly take ownership and become a promoter of the principles.  Read Success Stories.  Training topics are not limited to, but include:

  • Situational Leadership
  • Implementing Vision
  • Insecurities
  • Behavior Style
  • Time Management 
  • Prioritizing
  • Developing Others
  • Reward & Discipline


Randy has led numerous retreats across the country leading 1/2 day to full 2 day sessions.  Randy brings a genuine presence, experienced performance knowledge and high energy that together build trust and successful learning.  He uses creative ways to present material that gets them laughing, but also learning.  It is very common to be asked back.  He can develop individuals all at the same time or address team concepts. Read Success Stories.