DISC Assessment

DISC is a long standing, proven, worldwide assessment measuring HOW we address Problems, People, Pace and Procedures during the day.  It identifies each person’s mental software for communication and initial perspectives.  With over 19,000 blends streamlined into nearly 400 types, each style brings a unique performance to the workplace. The 24-page report is easy to understand and breaks down individual strengths into separate categories. A must for understanding how to achieve and sustain high performing staffs. While one style is usually a CORE style, you are a blend of all 4 with up to 384 identifiable combinations. That is only part of what makes that special YOU!



Extrovert/Challenge Oriented

  • Have two internal drivers: to solve and to challenge (talking style)
  • Task first, People second.
  • Want results as soon as possible, so give them options
  • Need to develop soft skills


Extrovert/Challenge Averse

  • Want to talk first, solve later
  • Talking gives them energy
  • Function best in a work/play/work/play routine
  • Great at procrastination, but great in a crunch
  • Redirect them often and push the work


Introvert/Challenge Averse

  • Want structure and to know their role
  • Loyal, peaceful, but very methodical (one thing at a time)
  • Work more to plan and prevent a problem than on the problem itself
  • Can be slow starters due to over preparation
  • Want training
  • Can hold grudges and never forget
  • Largest percent of the population


Introvert/Challenge Oriented

  • Want to get it right the first time
  • Check and double check
  • Need quality standards
  • Will add time and costs to projects taking steps to not be wrong
  • Limit their load and zero in on key thing needed