Measures a combination of Mental Abilities (how fast we absorb new information in numbers words and shapes), Interests (in people, data and working with things), and contrasts 12 Personality Traits.  Templates can be developed for each position in a company based on either those who have performed it best, or understand what is required from the position.  Great as a selection tool, interviewing, and management.

Templates can also be designed identifying great performers for all levels up the company ladder.  With this, new hire's traits can be measured against all the templates to determine if they are a suitable candidate to move up the company.  And if they are off on the overall score but a great performer you can tell exactly where they need training to make adjustments for upward movement.

Prevue measures on a bell curve scale so you can identify exactly what trait is unique to the employee.  That helps tremendously in understanding how to manage, communicate and work with that individual.  Also, by the employee learning where exactly he or she is not mainstream in mind, interest or behavior style personal adjustments can be made internally so the team doesn't have to (externally).  We all know we aren't perfect, and we are more likely to accept productive criticism for the betterment of the team when we accepted and valued.