Both as well as churches, schools, families, conventions. Anywhere there are people. The principles work.

Yes, from high school students, college students or adults in career transitions.

I bring Tools, Principles, and Insights to people to help them improve their work performance and personal success.

Easily, by phone initially and then travel when job requires it. Assessments are available on line sent to client via email. I have several clients in different states.

First I teach the principles, second, I relate very well making the material understandable and also fun. I don't just sell reports or fancy packaging. Its about content and application. Third, I help analyze where thinking went wrong and provide new options. Once those are successful, clients then own the new thinking and approach to managing their mind and external situations. Once you learn this you never go back to the old way of thinking again. It would waste time. Fourth, I bring a package addressing the whole person and also management principles that fit them identifying their priority needs. I think that is the unique part of what I do so well.

Primarily working as an Executive with the Boy Scouts of America. I led teams of thousands of volunteers from all walks of life and different backgrounds in 1 to 3 counties at a time over 8 years. BSA trained us in corporate tools to be successful. After building several great teams I realized people just aren't aware how available these tools and principles are. So I started my own consulting in 1996. Since then leading seminars with others who specialize in their areas has added to my toolbox. I have always loved analyzing what makes people who they are.

No, I can teach the content to those doing very well and inevitably they will find places to apply improvement. The reason is we are all abnormal! Just because we have money, or a job or successes doesn't mean all is well. It's about managing our mind. Our mind is the errant part of the human being.

Yes, however that usually only applies to a need that company has at that time. Every company has different needs requiring different skills, tools, and methods. But that is what makes it fun and challenging. Most current corporate people have a job that demands too much now for them to take on something like this. But occasionally corporations allow me to work through one person there.

Yes, I am developing a structure to teach others how to do so. I would love to build a larger distribution team. I believe School Counselors would love to do this beyond their job or to really put their knowledge to work with people. Also I believe business consultants are always looking for new tools to build their business and to bring value to their clients. Let's talk.

Well, Melaroo of course! Give them a call at 832-288-4564