Student/Career Planning

Ceros has a program to help students and adults in their career planning.  The content includes up to 4 assessments, a consultation, and action steps using a workbook.  The Assessments are accurate corporate tools used worldwide, not just Interest Surveys that can change with opinion or age.  They measure vital traits and provide clear, easy to understand reports and graphs which can be used lifeloong with college applications, job applications, promotions and personal family relationships and development.

The Assessments

WYGA℠  What You're Good At

What You’re Good At is a package of tools and coaching that include a DISC Behavioral Style Assessment that measures HOW you address Problems, People, Pace and Procedures of the day and lists careers that FIT your style (both with a high school and college degree), WHY you are motivated, WHAT your mental strengths are, and Gifts that bring you fulfillment in life.


Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values Assessment measures WHY you are motivated.  The six categories addressed are Theoretical, Utilitarian, Aesthetics, Social, Individualistic and Traditional.  Knowing WHY you are motivated really helps you understand yourself and your ability to maximize potential.  It also helps you identify where you are not motivated and what gaps need skills training.


The Prevue adds Mental Abilities, Interests and Personality traits.  The Mental Abilities section measures how quickly you absorb new information in Numbers, Words, and Shapes (three dimensional thinking).  While Interests measure your interests in People, Data and Things (working with your hands).  Then, Personality measures 12 areas contrasting dynamics giving you a great perspective of where you score compared to others.


Uniquely You measures 9 Spiritual Gifts (not religious) that are practical parts of the human constitution contrasting them with the DISC style.  This gives you two insights: a) What your Gifts are, and b) HOW you will act them out in a daily world.  Gifts are where we get Fulfillment, which isn’t in the Behavior Style, Motives, Mental Abilities or Interests.  The nine practical Gifts measured are Declaring Truth, Teaching, Encouraging, Underwriting, Service, Mercy, Administration, Leading, and Recruiting.  The booklet provides great insights to help you understand both your Gifts and Behavior Style.  Also you will be able to understand how others will have just as strong of drives but in different areas and do so in different ways.

The Consultation

You will meet with Randy Guttenberger, Certified Behavior Analyst, with 14 years experience, who will review each reports results, including how to utilize your career listings and develop an action plan.  The insights you will gain in this consultation will likely assist you lifelong.  Consultations can be completed by phone conference to accommodate long distance concerns. Your initial meeting is an orientation on the assessment results and the establishment of an action plan.  Generally this takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  It is insightful and energizing.  When done with students, Randy speaks to the student directly while parents may listen in (or parents can receive information later if the student is out of town).  In addition, it is preferred that a follow up meeting be scheduled in 6 months or a year.  It is amazing what knowledge is developed from the action plan and translates into confidence and direction for participants.

Cost is $300 for the package of 4 assessments, workbook and consultation.

Feel free to call or email to address your questions or interest.  You probably know someone who is looking for answers and could benefit from this program.  Contact Randy at 281-703-6782, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it