Ceros, Inc. can help you hire the best person with a much greater success rate impacting profits to your bottom line and synergy to your staff soon as you make the hire.

How bad hires happen

Wrong hires are costly and stressful to maintain and remove. They negatively impact a staff’s morale, organization potential and the bottom line much more than employers are willing to acknowledge.

Ask yourself or anyone if they have made bad hires and when they say yes ask them “Why did you hire that person?” Their best answer is likely to be I thought they would be good but...they weren't and I missed on that one. More importantly ask, "What did the bad hire cost the company?"

Steps to improve your hiring success rate:

  1. Design a benchmark
  2. Assess the final 3-5 candidates
  3. Get consultant feedback.
  4. Create final interview questions
  5. Determine training needs
  6. Find Cost Efficiency.


Yes, these steps go well beyond the traditional hiring process, but can you afford to make such a costly mistake?  Make sure you don't just guess at your next hire.  Contact Ceros today to make sure you have an experienced, qualified consultant that will not only help you hire the right person, but will end up saving you tons of money in the long run.